About me

I was born in Muodoslompolo. I grew up in the province and came to Uppsala as a student at the University there.
I was interested in the far corners of the universe and set out on a quest for the meaning of life. Art came to represent the meaning of it all.

My curiosity was aroused and there emerged the will to create, to transform reality from nothing to totality.

In the About me script, I must emphasize that its when I do my artwork I can feel perfect time.

Though I had a severe birth trauma my starting point is suffering, developing into low self-esteem, denial and inferiority complex.

But in the unspoiled and ecologically balanced Nature, I feel the meaning of life – beauty and experience, the wild life.

There the poet is awake, the sage and shaman. There I meet my art fellows, lovers of art.

When I try to tell the saga about my self, I have to refer to my paintings most of all. My art is myself. I look upon Nature and through the painting process I manifest myself on a piece of paper. Sometimes I use a Masonit board or canvas. My body is myself and a very functional one. I have inherited a few shrieks of my father’s neurology, he was playing the violin, and anatomy and my hands are the hands of the dentist and the carpenter. I have inherited a few of my ancestors genes. Grandmotherfather were craftsmen and artists. Mothers father Uno Tapani was a multitasking, hardworking and gifted and practical man from Muodoslompolo. He possessed the knowlege of a farmer, blacksmith and carpenter and he participated in the local politics and was the trusted banker of the local community. One of my ancestors on the Brusell side was G IIIs royal craftsmam, in Swedish Grace, master of Drottningholm, Johan Gottlob Brusell. I might have inherited some of my muscles and nerve fibers from those ancestors which in combination with the birth traumatized psyche makes me relentlessly create, day after day, music, painting and writing and in the same time reject my own pieces of art until the day I have accepted that some of the pieces are good enough. That is when I accept myself – I could not be anyone else.

I am my art and the art is me.

I am born north of the Polar Circle, painting just south of it, finding the Bronze Age rock carvings there, telling the saga of my ancestors in the archipelagos of Fenno Scandia. I wish to retell that saga – as true to the original depictions as possible. I have studied the realistic schools of Art, not only as the artpieces themselves, as they appear in the museums, but as painter in nature, birds, ocean surfaces, trees and everything else in Reality. When I so translate the ideograms from the Bronze Age I want to understand the meaning of the symbols used, the meaning of the form itself. The human form. The animal form. The form of Joy. The form of Happiness. The form of Life.

I will tell a lot more about myself, while I continue constructing this website.